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Why was the Opera Garnier built?

Why was the Opera Garnier built?

The Opera Garnier was built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera. … It was soon known as “Palais Garnier” in memory of his architect Charles Garnier. The palace was the residence of the Paris Opera until 1989, when the Bastille Opera House was built. The Paris Opera Palais Garnier is now mainly used for ballet.

When was the Palais Garnier built?

August 1861

Who is the real Phantom?


Does Madame Giry know phantom?

In the 2004 film version of the musical (in which she is played by Miranda Richardson), Madame Giry is shown almost to be an accomplice of the Phantom, failing to notify people when he locks Christine’s dressing room (though she could have alerted someone and they didn’t listen) or when she spots him in the rafters …

Did Christine really love the Phantom?

The fact that Andrew Lloyd Weber extended the story to the sequel Love Never Dies, in which it’s revealed that Christine and the Phantom do love each other, makes it difficult to finally say who Christine really “chooses.” According to ALW, she ultimately chooses the Phantom.

Why did Christine Daae kiss the Phantom?

It is because she chooses to marry the Phantom in order to save Raoul. The Phantom then lets her and Raoul leave together because he loves Christine so much, and she has shown him love when no other person in his life ever did./span>

Who is playing the Phantom in London now?

Josh Piterman

Who is Sierra Boggess dating?

Tam Mutu

Who has played the Phantom the most times?

Howard McGillin