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Why did Ranji go to the pool the next day despite feeling weak for the fight?

Answer : Ranji was not eager for a second fight, but he still went back to the pool because if he had not turned up, it would have been an acknowledgement of his defeat. He could not quietly accept his defeat. If he surrendered, he would be beaten forever.

Did the fight continue if not why not?

Answer. No, the fight did not continue. After they decided to continue the fight, neither of them took the initiative.

Where did the small stream that fed the pool come from?

Answer: The water in the pool was clean. One could see the pebbles at the bottom. The water came to the pool through a small stream. This stream came down from a cluster of rocks.

What held the water in the pool and not let it dry like the pools in Plains?

Answer. Answer: The rocks, however, held the water in the pool, and it did not dry up like the pools in the plains. When Ranji saw the pool, he did not hesitate to get into it.

How do the little ones spend their day?

The little one sits in a relaxed and lethargic way, hunched in his classroom table. He finds no pleasure in any of the school activities and waits anxiously to let the day pass by and he could return back to his parents. He finds his books very dis-interesting since they have been “Worn through” due to rain.

What is that he hates to do in a summer morning?

Answer: The joy of a summer morning is to watch the birds and the trees from close quarters. What is it that he hates to do in a summer morning ? Answer: The child hates to go to school in a summer morning. … Answer: The child shies at school.