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Why did Princess September free the bird at the end?

It would not eat anything and did not sing song. The Princess was worried for it because it could die without eating anything. ii) The bird said he would die without singing, he would always come back for her because he loved her. … i)The bird was free to come and go whenever it felt like.

What does the princess fear the next morning?

What does the Princess fear the next morning? When the Princess woke up next morning and called out to the bird, the bird gave no reply. He remianed to lie at the bottom of the cage with its eyes closed. The Princess feared that the bird might have died.

What happened to the bird when he was put into a cage?

The bird grew sad and melancholic when it was caged. It could not see the trees outside nor could it enjoy nature. This made the bird weary and tired.

How did the bird react to being put in a cage?

Answer: The bird refused to be taken out in her cage because it was not the same thing as flying. It said that the rice fields, the lake and the willow trees looked quite different when seen through the bars of a cage.

Why did the bird reject September’s offer to take him out everyday?

Why did the bird refuse to be taken out in her cage? Princess September promised to take the bird out every day to enable him to see the trees, the fields and the lake. But the bird refused her offer. … He said seeing the sky and the fields from inside the cage were not the same things as watching them in freedom.