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Who was the better swimmer Class 8?

Who was the better swimmer Class 8?


Why do some of us find it necessary to prove that we are better than others?

Answer. It’s a human nature to prove that we are better than others because sometimes people feel jealousy from others. … People are always behaving bad with that person from who they feel jealous but it’s not good. Feeling jealous from others is one of your biggest weakness.

Why were Ernest’s and poet’s eyes wet with tears?

The Ernest’s and poet’s eyes were in tears because the thought poet put in his book is entirely different from his real life. He had dream, but they have been only. So he burst into tears. What did Ernest address to the pe’ople of valley?

How did the child Ernest react to his mother’s story about the Great Stone Face?

The child’s name was Ernest. “Mother,” said he, while the Great Face smiled on him, “I wish that it could speak, for it looks so very kindly that its voice must indeed be pleasant. If I ever see a man with such a face, I should love him very much.”

What was the old prophecy?

According to an old prophecy, it was believed that in some future time a man would be born, who looked exactly like the Great Stone Face. This man would be the most noble person and in his manhood his face would resemble the Great Stone Face.

What was the Great Stone Face Class 8?

Answer: The Great Stone Face was the work of nature. The rocks were put one over the other on the mountain side. They resembled the features of a human face.