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Who is Tina Dandridge?

Tina Dandridge (* ∼) was a close friend of The Green family. She was a neighbor of Angry Grandpa in the Creekside trailer park, Grandpa’s prior residence. She serves as the secondary antagonist of the series.

What does Pickleboy do for a living?

Michael Green aka Pickleboy is the cameraman and the mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel The Angry Grandpa Show. He is the son of Angry Grandpa and Tin.

Is McJuggerNuggets rich?

McJuggerNuggets Net Worth – $5.

Who is McJuggerNuggets girlfriend?


Can you make money off of StoryFire?

Users can buy Blaze at 800 units for $0.

Is McJuggerNuggets quitting YouTube?

I’m Quitting Youtube on January 1st, 2020 is a Sit-Down Video, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on Octo….

I’m Quitting Youtube on January 1st, 2020
← Previous Video the truth about my “fake girlfriend”… Next Video → DAILY VIDEOS w/ PSYCHO DAD!
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How do you get subscribers on StoryFire?

How can I Get more Subscribers on StoryFire?

  1. Growing your subscribers on StoryFire is all about engaging with the community and publishing content and social posts frequently.
  2. When you publish a story or social post, it goes public to all your subscribers, just like Twitter or Instagram.

Is StoryFire free?

The app had an incredible idea with users being able to publish their stories and read other stories completely for free. The new “Blaze” can be used to tip creators and to get more traffic to your story, however this is outweighed by the fact it cost blaze to read the story at all.

Is StoryFire safe?

StoryFire– Watch Videos & Read is very safe to use./span>

Who started StoryFire?

Brian Spitz

What is Blaze on StoryFire?

What is Blaze? Blaze points are used to view and promote content. Blaze points are also earned when people view your content. Blaze points are earned when people tip your social posts or content.

How does story fire work?

StoryFire is a writing community! And we have a feature that lets you write stories with friends and others users. Interested? Just select “Host Group Story.” From there, choose a photo, a title and set a timer.

Where is Jesse Tyler Ridgway from?

New Jersey, United States

What is story fire app?

StoryFire is a writing community! And we have a feature that lets you write stories with friends and others users.

Does StoryFire have ads?

At the moment, you will see we are testing ads with select video Creators. StoryFire will reach out to you when we see a level of engagement on your content to unlock this feature. So no need to reach out and ask about this in our current testing phase:) The goal is to help you monetize your content./span>

How do I unsubscribe from StoryFire?

You can opt out of receiving certain emails by changing notification settings on the Site or in our Apps, clicking the unsubscribe link provided in an email. If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please email us at privacy [at] storyfire [dot] com.

What happened to McJuggerNuggets?

Psycho Series Ending, Changes in Channel, Upload Schedule and Break From YouTube. With the series having over more than one hundred vlogs and forty-five psycho videos, the series ended on June 6th, 2016.

How much does StoryWorth cost?

StoryWorth is free for the first month, and after that it costs $49 per year. Considering the fee, it can feel limited. It’s clearly not a be-all family history site — you can’t look up your ancestors, and you can’t build a family tree. But it’s still a cool idea, and it takes a unique approach to filling in the gaps./span>

Who is Jesse Taylor Ridgeway?

Jesse Tyler Ridgway (born Septem), better known by his online alias McJuggerNuggets, is an American actor, comedian, director and YouTuber from New Jersey. He is best known as the mastermind behind the Psycho Series, and various other series. He is also one of the creators of StoryFire.

Is Psycho Dad dead?

Description. After shooting his Dad and fleeing to Switzerland, famous YouTuber “McJuggerNuggets” (Psycho Kid) struggles with his own sanity, only to learn that his Psycho Dad isn’t actually dead.

Who is McJuggerNuggets dad?

Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.

Who is BigBrudda?

Jeffrey Todd Ridgway Jr. (born: Febru ( [age 32]), better known online as BigBrudda, is an American YouTuber living in New Jersey who mostly makes vlogging videos, he is mostly famous for being the older brother of McJuggerNuggets.

When was psycho dad born?

Early Life. Jeffrey Sr. was born on Novem.