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Who is the father of Wiccan and Speed?

Who is the father of Wiccan and Speed?

Thomas and William were twins supposedly born to Scarlet Witch and Vision; in reality, Scarlet Witch used her reality warping powers to create twin sons, unknowingly, from two of five scattered fragments of the soul of the demon Mephisto that were previously lost to him in an ill-fated encounter with the powerful …

Who is Wiccan and Speed?

During their search for the Scarlet Witch, Wiccan is even more certain that he and Tommy are siblings. Both boys refer to one another as “brothers” and Speed claims to be the older of the two (though neither knows for certain) and also refer to the Scarlet Witch as “Mom” while searching for her.

Are Wiccan and Hulkling still together?

They’re Married! After 8 years of waiting, LGBTQ comic book fans got the gay wedding of their dreams. In the recently released Empyre #4 by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia and VC’s Joe Caramanga, Marvel superheroes Wiccan and Hulkling got married!

Is Wiccan Scarlet Witch’s son?

Billy Kaplan, also known by his superhero aliases Asgardian and Wiccan, is a super-powered warlock and the reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch. He has spent time on numerous superhero teams, including the Young Avengers and the New Avengers. He is married to Hulkling.

Who is the weakest avenger?

9 Weakest: Hawkeye Although he is an extremely skilled marksman, Clint Barton is often considered to be the weakest Avenger seeing as he’s just a regular guy with a bow and arrow./span>

Who is smartest avenger?

When it comes to the smartest Avenger, it has to be Iron-Man that is considered to be the most intelligent. While he and Bruce Banner are likely on a level when it comes to their scientific knowledge, the fact that he retains that when turning into Iron-Man just edges him above the big green guy./span>

What is Joker’s IQ?

Everyone places the Joker with an IQ of “genius level” and even with eidetic memory, and although some estimate that he has a much higher IQ that even reaches a score of 350 (it seems too exaggerated), others believe that he is in around 170-180./span>

What is Thanos IQ?

Thanos (7) 1150./span>

What is Loki’s IQ?

Loki Personality Statistics

Trait Average rating Number of raters
extreme (not moderate) 88.

What is the IQ of Tony Stark?

Tony Stark IQ is estimated as 270, which is considered as a super genius person and in top 0.

Who has the highest IQ in the world?

This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 3 March 2021….

Marilyn vos Savant
Born Marilyn Mach Aug St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Occupation Author columnist
Spouse Robert Jarvik ​ ( m. 1987)​

Who has the highest IQ in MCU?

It’s time to discuss brains, not brawn, as we rank the smartest characters in the MCU.

  • 8 HELEN CHO.
  • 3 HANK PYM.
  • 1 SHURI.

Who’s the smartest person in the DC Universe?

Lex Luthor

Who is the fastest avenger?


Who is the youngest avenger?

Scarlet Witch

Why is Thor so weak in endgame?

Apparently in Endgame Thor lost most of his speed and reflexes because of his weight. Also, Thanos had a sword which was blocking Stormbreaker. … So Endgame Thor is definitely weaker than Infinity War Thor. Its not always about how strong his weapon is.

Can Thor breathe in space?

By definition, Thor can‘t “breathe” in space, as there’s no air there. However, as an Asgardian he can survive a very long time in space, without breathing. He had no trouble breathing while travelling between worlds in Thor 1 and 2. … In the comics, though, he can survive space for long periods of time./span>

Can Ultron Lift Thor’s hammer?

yes, Ultron would be able to lift Thor’s hammer, if the occasion arises; which it hasn’t. Tony Stark speculated that the rules of the hammer would not apply to Ultron because it is not human. “whoever so wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor”, inferring that the wielder must be a human.

Who is better Jarvis or Friday?

Compared to JARVIS, FRIDAY seems far more reserved when it comes to the other Avengers willing to talk only to, and take orders from, Tony. She also seems to care only for those who Tony trusts showing little to no emotion over the other Avengers being incarcerated or defeated.

Who is the richest Marvel actor?

Robert Downey Jr.

Can Hulk lift Thor’s hammer?

Yes, Hulk absolutely smashes Thor to the ground with Mjolnir, but, he’s holding both Thor and the hammer. Hulk wouldn’t have been able to lift Mjolnir by himself, but since the God of Thunder had a firm grip on it as well, he was able to use it as a weapon against his teammate./span>

Can Groot lift Mjolnir?

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir was defined by the fact that only the ‘worthy’ could lift it – so basically no-one except the god of thunder (and Vision, for some reason). But when it comes to the weapon’s replacement, Stormbreaker – which Thor forges in Avengers: Infinity War – Groot is able to lift it too./span>

Can anything kill the Hulk?

Yes he can, but he is almost invincible to anything. Bruce Banner doesn’t want to be the Hulk and he can‘t change it, when he gets mad he transforms. … A gamma or nuclear bomb, can kill him if he is right in the place of explosion, that is how Hulk killed the Maestro, who is way more powerful than him.

Who is stronger juggernaut or Hulk?

As part of the World War Hulk storyline, the Hulk defeated a power-weakened Juggernaut with a single hit. He also has knocked out Juggernaut out cold. While the Juggernaut has been weakened by the Hulk, he’s nearly killed the Hulk in their battles, including almost snapping his neck./span>

Who can beat juggernaut?

When it comes to the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, few top the individual strength that the Hulk and Juggernaut possess./span>

Can Thor beat juggernaut?

While Thor himself is not strong enough to defeat Juggernaut, he has the help of his famous hammer Mjölnir. … In most fights against Thor, Thor throws his hammer at full speed towards Juggernaut, but Juggernaut‘s mystical force field stops Mjölnir in mid-air./span>

Can juggernaut beat Thanos?

Without gauntlet: Normal juggernaut can‘t defeat Thanos. Thanos is even more powerful than Hulk. However, when juggernaut accessed full power of cyttorak and became Trion Juggernaut, he was elevated to a whole new level. … Juggernaut does not have sufficient strength to harm Thanos in such a way as to achieve victory.

Can Wolverine kill Thanos?

But Wolverine has Adamantium which is the strongest metal in the MCU world. It is impenetrable and Wolverine’s claws can cut through anything even Thanos strong and thick purple skin. … But if the battle is between Thanos without the gauntlet and Wolverine, then Wolverine will definitely defeat him./span>

Why isn’t juggernaut isn’t a mutant?

Despite his power, Juggernaut is not actually a mutant. This is because most mutant gain their powers from the inharent X-gene that they carry, Juggernaut does not have this gene. Instead his power comes from a mystical gem he stumbled upon in a forgotten temple in Korea.

Is juggernaut bigger than Hulk?

in hulk 402, juggernaut is BIGGER than hulk, and he’s not even in his armor, (juggernaut knocks hulk out).