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Who is Hafeez Contractor what does he tell about himself to his interviewer?

Who is Hafeez Contractor what does he tell about himself to his interviewer?

Hafeez Contractor is one of India’s leading architects. In his interview he tells about his childhood, his fears and his nightmares that he will fail. Hafeez Contractor got his calling when he was learning French. He used to go to his cousin’s husband’s office who was an architect.

What is Hafeez Contractor’s definition of mathematics?

What is Hafeez Contractor’s definition of mathematics? He has defined mathematics as ‘putting design, construction, psychology and sociology together and making a sketch from all that. … The Principal said to Hafeez Contractor that he had been watching him from day one.

Which language did Hafeez study?

Hafeez Contractor had to choose between either French or German at Jaihind Collage. He choose to opt for German because he had spent 7 years learning French and he could hardly utter any words in French.

What did Hafeez Contractors wish?

Answer: 1. Hafeez wanted to join the police force, but his mother advised him to do his graduation first.

What type of student Hafeez Contractor was in school days?

hafeez contractor was very good student but he never studied. ” his principal said”. hafeez was not good at mathematics. he said that math is totally about putting design, construction etc.

How would Hafeez passed his exams?

Hafeez contractor had always suffered from a nightmare about appearing for a math’s examination in which he was the worst. He had no interest in study. He was fond of playing pranks on others, copying in class during examination times, making jokes. He passed all the school exams by using unfair means.

Who had conversation with Hafeez Contractor?

Answer: ◾◽ Hafeez Contractor started working in 1968 as an apprentice with his uncle T. Khareghat while working toward his architecture degree. In 1977, he became an associate partner in the firm.

What made the giant feel sorry?

The Giant sincerely felt sorry for his action as he knew he had a selfish behaviour. He wanted to keep his garden reserved only for him. The question has been asked from the story The selfish giant. The giant felt bad for reserving his garden only to himself and not letting the kids play.

Why did the giant grew angry to see the little boy?

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