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Who built the house of Parliament?

Who built the house of Parliament?

Charles Barry

What is the poorest city in England?

Revealed: The richest and poorest cities in the UK

  • The data reveals that those living and working in London were the poorest, despite earning the highest average salary in the UK of £2,410.

    Where is the happiest place in England?

    St Ives

    Where is the most expensive place to live in Scotland?

    The town of Humbie in east Lothian has the highest average property value of any town in Scotland with an average house price of over 469 thousand British pounds. In fact, at this time, the county of east Lothian has 4 of the highest valued homes in the current top 10 list in Scotland./span>

    What is the oldest thing in Scotland?

    Fortingall Yew

    Where is the safest place in Scotland?


    Why do Scots die younger?

    Life expectancy in Scotland is markedly lower compared to other European nations and the UK as a whole. But what are the reasons for this higher mortality? Higher mortality in Scotland is often attributed to higher rates of deprivation, smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diet./span>

    Is Glasgow a safe place to live?

    Is Glasgow Safe to Live in? Yes. Though the crime statistics here are a little higher than some other cities in the UK, it’s generally a safe place to live. … Glasgow is the Scottish city with the most crime (source), but considering that it’s the biggest city in Scotland, it’s no great surprise./span>

    Is Glasgow a dirty city?

    GLASGOW has been ranked the dirtiest city in Scotland, according to a new survey. … Over a third of the city consider a cleaning routine to only consist of hoovering, wiping surfaces and cleaning the bathroom./span>

    Is Glasgow rough?

    A new list claims that Glasgow is one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in Europe. … The authors do recognise that Glasgow has made strides in this area in recent years, with the murder rate halved since 2013 and crime down by 30 per cent – but the old figures put it ninth in the table./span>

    What are the bad areas of Glasgow?

    Seven areas in Glasgow are also persistently among the most deprived, including Parkhead West and Barrowfield, Barlanark, Central Easterhouse, Dalmarnock, Govan and Linthouse, Keppochhill and Wyndford./span>

    Is Glasgow still dangerous?

    Glasgow is a very safe city, especially for tourists. The most dangerous threats here are the petty thefts and the possible danger of a terrorist attack. Apart from that, you’re pretty safe here.

    Where should I not live in Glasgow?

    The north of Glasgow has some of the worst areas to live in. I would refer to these areas as bandit country. Places like provanmill , carnhill, sighthill, possil park. Govanhill in the southside , used to be a nice area….

    • Partick. I lived here for a good couple of years and loved it. …
    • Hyndland. …
    • Merchant City.

    Is carntyne a bad area?

    Carntyne as a whole is no bad, but it’s no good. The developments is just your luck on who your neighbors are.

    Is whiteinch rough?

    It can sometimes look a bit rough, and it is slightly lacking for things to do (restaurants, pubs), but it’s all fine to live in. The city is not what it was. It still lives off a reputation from many years ago, and it needs to be shrugged off./span>