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Who built the Canadian Museum for Human Rights?

Antoine Predock

Why was the Canadian Museum for Human Rights built?

The purpose of the museum is to “explore the subject of human rights with a special but not exclusive reference to Canada, to enhance the public’s understanding of human rights, to promote respect for others and to encourage reflection and dialogue.” It held its opening ceremonies on 19 September 2014.

When was the Canadian Museum for Human Rights built?

10 August 2008, Winnipeg, Canada

How long did it take to build the human rights museum?

We outline 10 years of planning, building and controversy that has gone into Canada’s only national museum outside of the National Capital Region: July 2000 — Winnipeg media magnate and philanthropist Izzy Asper pitches the idea of a “tolerance” museum in Winnipeg to the federal government.

How tall is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights?

At 100 metres high (328 feet) this glass tower provides an impressive view of the city. Predock’s design for CMHR seeks to express in glass and stone the rich textures and geology of Canada’s landscape.

How many museums are there in Winnipeg?

There are almost 200 museums in Manitoba; over 40 in the City of Winnipeg alone! These include art galleries, community museums, cultural centres, heritage centres, historical societies, historic buildings, sites and parks, zoos, natural history and science museums, and nature centres.