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Which Australian captain whitewashed Australia?

Which Australian captain whitewashed Australia?

India won the four Test series in a 4–0 whitewash to win the Border–Gavaskar Trophy….

Australian cricket team in India in 2012–13
India Australia
Dates 12 February 2013 – 26 March 2013
Captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni Michael Clarke (1st–3rd Tests) Shane Watson (4th Test)
Test series

How do you make whitewash?

Making whitewash is simple and inexpensive. Simply mix white water-based paint with water to the desired consistency. A 1:3 paint-to-water ratio will give a thin, translucent coating that doesn’t need to be wiped or dry brushed. A 1:1 ratio will give a thicker coating that can be wiped or sanded for a distressed look.

Why is it called a whitewash?

The first known use of the term is from 1591 in England. Whitewash is a cheap white paint or coating of chalked lime that was used to quickly give a uniform clean appearance to a wide variety of surfaces, for instance, the entire interior of a barn.

What is whitewash in cricket?

In cricket, a whitewash is when a team wins all the matches played in a series of at least 3 matches. Examples include: Australia’s 5–0 defeat of England to win the 1920–21 Ashes series. West Indies’ consecutive 5–0 defeats of England in 1984 and 1985–86.

Is whitewash paint?

Unlike conventional paint, whitewash is made with relatively few ingredients, and it’s so simple, in fact, you can make it at home. Just mix together masonry lime, table salt, and warm water, and you have a batch of whitewash.

What is Blackwash cricket?

blackwash (countable and uncountable, plural blackwashes) (slang, New Zealand) A whitewash victory for any New Zealand national sporting team. (slang, cricket) A whitewash victory for the West Indies cricket team.

Why is it the last Wisden Trophy?

The Wisden Trophy was awarded to the winner of the Test cricket series played between England and the West Indies. … England won the 2020 series, the final series in which the trophy was at stake, and thus retain it in perpetuity.

What is black wash?

Noun. 1. blackwash – an attack intended to ruin someone’s reputation. assassination, character assassination. calumniation, calumny, defamation, hatchet job, traducement, obloquy – a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions.

How old is the Wisden Trophy?

The Wisden Trophy was first awarded in 1963 to celebrate the 100th edition of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack.

Who won the Test series between England and Pakistan?

The Test series formed part of the inaugural 2019–21 ICC World Test Championship….

Pakistani cricket team in England in 2020
Result England won the 3-match series 1–0
Most runs Zak Crawley (320) Azhar Ali (210)
Most wickets Stuart Broad (13) Yasir Shah (11)
Player of the series Jos Buttler (Eng) and Mohammad Rizwan (Pak)

Who won the Wisden Trophy?


What is in the ashes Cup?

The Ashes urn, made of terracotta and about 10.

Why is Eng vs Aus called Ashes?

The term ‘Ashes‘ was first used after England lost to Australia – for the first time on home soil – at The Oval on 29th August 1882. A day later, the Sporting Times carried a mock obituary of English cricket which concluded that: “The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia“.

Is Ashes played every year?

The two nations meet roughly every two years, with the winners claiming one of the most famous (and smallest) trophies in sport – the Ashes urn. It is held alternately in England and Australia, with England hosting this time. Both teams play a series of five test matches, each lasting up to five days.

Which player has won the most Ashes series?

The Ashes

The Ashes urn, made of terracotta and about 10.

Who won most Border Gavaskar Trophy?

Border–Gavaskar Trophy

The BorderGavaskar Trophy
Countries India Australia
Current trophy holder India (9th title)
Most successful India (9 titles)
Most runs Sachin Tendulkar (3,235)

How did Australia retain the Ashes?

Australia had retained the Ashes after they had won the fourth Test match by 185 runs. However, England made a good comeback to win the fifth and final Test match by 135 runs. … Australia had won the previous 2017 Ashes series which was played Down Under by 4-0 and thus they will retain the Ashes.

When was the last time England won the Ashes in Australia?

On only two occasions has a team won all the Tests in an Ashes series; Australia won all five matches in 1920–21, and then repeated the feat in 2006–07. England’s largest winning margin in an Ashes series was in 1978–79, when they won 5–1….Ashes series.

Years 1893
First match 1717 July 1893
Tests 3
Australia 0
England 1

Which country has won the most number of cricket World Cups?


Has Pakistan ever won a Test match in Australia?

Only Test at National Stadium, Karachi – Oct 11-17, 1956, Pakistan won by 9 wickets (Aus 80 and 187; Pak 199 and 69/1). 1st Test at Dacca Stadium – Nov 13-18, 1959, Australia won by 8 wickets (Pakistan 200 and 134; Australia 225 and 112/2)….Overall Test Records (Since 1956)

Year Total
Total 66
Australia 33
Pakistan 15

Where are the Ashes in 2020?

The next Ashes series will take place at the home of the reigning-champions, Australia. The five-Test Match tour will begin in November 2021 and end in January 2022. Traditionally, England have toured the Gabba, Adelaide Oval, the WACA Ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

What year is the next Ashes in Australia?

The Ashes series is a five-match test cricket series played between Australia and England. The series is played every two years, with the next series to be held in Australia beginning in November of 2021.

Will the ashes go ahead?

England’s 2021-22 Ashes tour set to be pushed back from late November until mid-December with Cricket Australia to enforce quarantine measures for tourists after T20 World Cup in India.

What are ashes of a person?

Cremation ashes, also referred to as cremation remains, are the remains of a body after it has been cremated. The remains are non-aqueous and non-gaseous after complete combustion. Wood Ashes. Human Ashes.

Does the Bible say anything about cremation?

However, there is no scriptural prohibition of cremation in the New Testament. The Bible neither favors nor forbids the process of cremation. Nevertheless, many Christians believe that their bodies would be ineligible for resurrection if they are cremated.

Can an obese person be cremated?

The simple answer is that yes an obese person can be cremated, however, it can prove more complex and costly to cremate someone who is larger than average in size. Cremating an overweight body does require a larger cremation chamber or retort, and this can be one of the first obstacles that a family may face.