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Where are the red access card bunkers?

Where are the red access card bunkers?

Where do I get a Red Access Card?

  • Bunker 0: This one is all the way at the south of the map, below Zozsni Spomenik. …
  • Bunker 1: You’ll find this bunker just to the north of the kart racing track at Promenade West.
  • Bunker 2: The second can be found inside a concrete structure further north of here.

Which bunker is red access card?

The 10 red circles indicate the “normal” bunkers, in that you simply need a red access card to get inside. As for the blue circle at the top of the map, that’s the bunker 11 location. It’s north-west of Military Base and to get inside there, you need to solve the bunker 11 puzzle which we’ve explained further on.

Are there still red access cards in warzone?

If you want to access the loot inside a non-keypad bunker, you’ll first need to find a Red Access Card. These cards are fairly rare and can only be found inside legendary crates, and even then they‘re not a guaranteed drop. … If you make it to the Warzone bunker in one piece—congratulations.

What can you do with a red access card?

Red Access Cards are used to open up otherwise locked bunkers. These secret bunkers contain tons of loot and even rare blueprints. Gain access to bunkers by interacting with the keypad near bunkers that have green lights. Red Cards are not needed for Pawntakespawn event bunkers.

What does a red access card do in warzone?

Season 5 also introduced a new red card icon with the shape of a key on it that appears next to the name and health of any active player. YouTuber MrDalekJD claims that the new red key cards will open bunkers 0, 4, 5, 6, and 9. Other bunkers are seemingly inaccessible, but things appear to be constantly in flux.

How do I open the vault 11 warzone?

Opening Vault 11 Once you interact with all of the Morse Code phones in the correct order, you should have access to Vault 11, which is at the very top of the map above the Military Base fire house. If you completed all the necessary steps correctly, the vault light should be green and you can interact with the keypad.

What is Vault 11 in warzone?

Head to Bunker 11, which is located at the top of the map (north-west of Military Base) and interact with the keypad, you will then be able to access the bunker. Once inside you will be able to grab tons of loot, as well as a new MP7 blueprint Mud Drauber.

Can you still open Bunker 11?

While Bunker 11 has the legendary weapon blueprint, there are another ten Warzone bunkers spread across the map, some of which can be opened using Red Access Cards. Only three can be opened at the time of writing: 0, 6, and 9.

How do you get a red access card in warzone?

Red Access Cards are items you can find while looting in Warzone. You can find them inside loot crates at random. Receiving a Red Access Card appears to be very rare – with the early theory that Legendary (red / orange) crates are more likely to feature them than more common variants.

Where are the vaults on warzone?

Where Are the Vaults in Warzone

  • Bunker 00: South of Zozsni Spomenik.
  • Bunker 01: Between the Kart Racing Track and Junkyard.
  • Bunker 02: Directly north of the Junkyard.
  • Bunker 03: Through a trap door next to Bunker 02.
  • Bunker 04: In the cliffs southeast of Gora Dam.
  • Bunker 05: At the Crash Site.

Where is the most money in warzone?

The best loot locations in Warzone are Downtown, Airport, Quarry, Train Station, and Promenade East. These are the points with the highest concentration of high quality loot, so landing in these spots will maximise your chances of getting the best possible equipment early on in a match.

What’s the code inside the bunker?

Here we have all the codes for you: Bunker 01: Bunker 03: Bunker 10:

What’s the code for the bunker near Boneyard?


How do I get into the bunker Boneyard?

Input B7 Boneyard Bunker Code To Open The Door In order to access it, you will need to input the code. Input the code on the keypad located at the right side of the vault doors to open the bunker.

Where do I find warzone codes?

The Warzone bunker codes are:

  • [0] North Junkyard – (not accessible)
  • [1] South Junkyard –
  • [2] Park –
  • [3] Prison Shack –
  • [4] Farmland – (not accessible)
  • [5] TV Station –

Which bunkers open with codes?

Here are the Warzone bunker codes:

  • Junkyard code
  • Kart Racing Track code
  • BCH TV Station –
  • Warzone Farmland code
  • Warzone Prison code
  • Styor Spomenik code

Are juggernauts still in warzone?

And among all the changes listed in the Call of Duty Warzone patch notes, there’s some good news for players sick of finding Juggernauts dropping into their games. According to the latest updates news, developers Treyarch is removing the Juggernaut reward from Subway and Stadium Easter Eggs.

Can you still get juggernaut in warzone?

While finding a Juggernaut drop inside a red access bunker may still exist in the Warzone RNGs, there is a way to guarantee a Juggernaut drop in every game of Warzone played. Players can guarantee a Juggernaut for their team if they‘re able to complete the Downtown Easter Egg.

Do juggernauts heal in warzone?

Probably the most important fact to understand about the Juggernaut is that their health does not regenerate (except for when they kill enemies).

How do I kill warzone juggernaut?

As with any other mode in Warzone, you should have a specific loadout for Juggernaut Royale. Launchers are a good bet, as are high-powered LMGs. For a look at what LMG to use, head to our best LMG guide. Thermite can do a lot of damage if you manage to stick the Juggernaut, and stun grenades can help slow them down.

Does FMJ work against juggernaut?

FMJ rounds deal “about 50% more damage” to the Juggernaut than standard rounds.

How much HP does a juggernaut have warzone?

The total amount of health when wearing the Juggernaut armour ranges from 1250 to 1750 health. Players with this suit will appear as a diamond on everyone’s map in real time, even if the enemy team’s radar has been jammed.

Can someone steal your juggernaut?

IF YOU DIE, ANYONE CAN STEAL IT FROM YOU so pick your drop zone carefully.