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What started modernism in literature?

What started modernism in literature?

The poets of the Imagist movement, founded by Ezra Pound in 1912 as a new poetic style, gave modernism its early start in the 20th century, and were characterized by a poetry that favoured a precision of imagery, brevity and free verse.

Who is father of English?

Geoffrey Chaucer

Who wrote the world’s first novel?

Murasaki Shikibu

Which is the world’s first novel in English?

Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

Who is the first novelist in India?

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Who wanted the English language written?

Answer: King Alfred explain: Alfred, also spelled Aelfred, byname Alfred the Great, (born 849—died 899), king of Wessex (871–899), a Saxon kingdom in southwestern England. He prevented England from falling to the Danes and promoted learning and literacy.

What was the first European novel?

Don Quixote

What is difference between novel and story?

The obvious difference between a novel and a short story is that short stories are short and novels are long. … A novel is much more complex with many transformational events that more than one characters can go through. A short story usually takes place in a few hours or days in few settings.

What two major factors contributed to the rise of the modern novel?

The steady rise in literacy rates generated a demand for new stories; the establishment of a leisure class enabled authors to write novels, and readers to read them. These factors lead to the novel’s rise, and it has continued, somewhat modified, into present time.