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What school is tju?

What school is tju?

Thomas Jefferson University

Motto Powered to Do What’s Now, Powered to Do What’s Next!
Students 7,831
Undergraduates 3,604
Postgraduates 4,227
Location Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , United States

What is Philadelphia University known for?

The university offers more than 60 bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programmes in popular fields such as architecture, business administration, design, engineering, liberal arts, science and health.

What college did Thomas Jefferson go to?

William & Mary1762–1764

Why did Thomas Jefferson want public education?

Jefferson wanted education to be simple enough for the common man to understand, but wanted it to be complex so that they could generate wise people out of universities. This process created more and more professors in the country and helped further education in the states.

What were Thomas Jefferson’s hobbies?

According to, Thomas Jefferson had many hobbies such as archaeology, horticulture, fishing, walking, violin playing and riding. Thomas Jefferson also enjoyed inventing things and designing architecture. One of Jefferson’s passions was designing the University of Virginia.

How does Thomas Jefferson affect us today?

Thomas Jefferson matters today because he fought for freedom, he fought for equality, and what he did as president still affects what America is today. Thomas Jefferson fought for our country’s freedom. He made his voice heard against the tyranny that the British soldiers were placing on the colonists.