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What is whitewashing in film?

What is whitewashing in film?

Whitewashing is a casting practice in the film industry in which white actors are cast in non-white roles. … African-American roles and roles of Asian descent have been whitewashed.

What does whitewashing mean?

To whitewash is a metaphor meaning “to gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data”.

What is another word for white washed?

SYNONYMS FOR whitewash 5 excuse, vindicate, exonerate.

What is the opposite of white washing?

What is the opposite of whitewash?

expose disclose
reveal uncover
unmask unveil
accuse blame
condemn sentence

Do you need to prep brick before painting?

Step 1: Prep the brick It’s important to thoroughly clean the brick before you paint it. Use a wire brush and soapy water to scrub the brick and remove any efflorescence (those streaky white deposits) or dirt. … Once your brick has been cleaned, you‘ll want to let it dry completely before painting.

Does painted brick last?

“Most brick was never intended to be painted,” says Crocker. “Long-term, maintenance-free painted brick requires careful planning.” According to the Brick Industry Association, if you paint your exterior brick, you should be repaint it every three to five years. … Often this causes the paint to chip off.

Can I paint over efflorescence?

Painted surfaces already damaged by efflorescence must NOT be repainted until the source of the moisture is identified and eliminated or blocked (by waterproofing).