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What is factory under Factory Act 1948?

What is factory under Factory Act 1948?

(m) “factory” means any premises including the precincts thereof— (i) whereon ten or more workers are working, or were working on any day of the preceding twelve months, and in any part of which a manufacturing process is being carried on with the aid of power, or is ordinarily so carried on, or.

Where is Factory Act applicable?

The Act is applicable to any factory using power & employing 10 or more workers and if not using power, employing 20 or more workers on any day of the preceding twelve months, and in any part of which a manufacturing process is being carried on with the aid of power, or is ordinarily so carried on, or whereon twenty or …

Who is the occupier of the factory?

The Factories Act stipulates that every factory must have an “Occupier” – defined under its Section 2(n) as the person who has ultimate control over the affairs of the factory. A proviso was inserted in 1987 to the clause (n) that, in the case of a company, any one of the directors shall be deemed to be the Occupier.

What are the responsibilities of an occupier in a factory?

General Duties of the Occupier(Section7A) # To ensure the health, safety and welfare of all workers while they are at work in the factory. # To provide and maintain the plant and systems of work in the factory that are safe and without risk to health of the workers.

What are the provisions of Factory Act?

The Factories Act, 1948 contains the following provisions relating to Labour Welfare:

  • (1) Washing Facilities: ADVERTISEMENTS: …
  • (2) Facilities for storing and drying clothing: …
  • (3) Facilities for sitting: …
  • (4) First aid appliances: …
  • (5) Canteens: …
  • (6) Shelters, rest rooms and lunch rooms: …
  • (7) Creches: …
  • (8) Welfare officers:

Who can be factory manager?

As per the Factories Act, Manager is defined u/s 2 : (l) “manager” means the person responsible to the occupier for the working of the factory for the purpose of the Act. There is no qualification prescribed / defined as such under the Factories Act for “Manager“. He is appointed by the Occupier.

When a new manager is appointed for a factory the occupier shall send to the inspector of factories a notice in writing within?

Whenever a new manager is appointed, the occupier shall send to the 34[Inspector a written notice and to the Chief Inspector a copy thereof] within seven days from the date on which such person takes over charge.

Who is liable for most violations under Factories Act?

This section states that in case there is any kind of contravention with the laws of the Act, then the occupier and the manager of the factory will be equally responsible for the breaking of the law. They will be punishable for with imprisonment upto 2 years and fine upto Rs. 2 lakhs.

Is the provision of spittoons compulsory under Factory Act?

(1) In every factory there shall be provided a sufficient number of spittoons in convenient places and they shall be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.

What are the features of Factories Act?

Salient features of the Act There must be restrooms, adequate lighting, ventilators, temperature to be provided. The workplace should be kept clean and hygiene. To ensure the safety of the workers, the factories should be fully fenced and children should not be allowed to work in hazardous and confined areas.

Why factory license is required?

Factory License acts as a document of approval given by authorities to carry out manufacturing activities. The Department of Factories and Boilers issues Factory License. It is the duty of the Factories and Boilers Department to keep a check on the health, safety, and welfare of workers.

What are the safety provisions under Factories Act?

According to Section 36 of the Act, – (1) No person shall be required or allowed to enter any chamber, tank, vat, pit, pipe, flue or other confined space in any factory in which any gas, fume, vapour or dust is likely to be present to such an extent as to involve risk to persons being overcome thereby, unless it is …

Who is inspector under Factories Act?

Chief Inspectors have been given authority by the State Government to exercise power in factories regarding every aspect that he deems to be of safety purposes. They are appointed for local limits as the government finds best. They should not have any direct or indirect interest in what goes on in factories.

What are the powers and duties of factory inspector?

(a) To photograph any worker, to inspect, examine, measure, copy, photograph sketch or test, as the case may be, any building or room, any plant, machinery, appliance or apparatus, any register or document or anything provided for the purpose of securing the health, safety or welfare of the workers employed in a …

What is Factory Act Licence?

Factory License acts as an approval document provided by authorities to carry out manufacturing activities. … Under this act, Factory license registration and renewal is also done to ensure the safety of workers.

When has the factory license to be renewed under the Factories Act 1948?

Yes, a factory occupier may get the licence renewed either for one, five or ten years at a time. In case application for renewal has been made for five or ten years, the renewal fee shall be five or ten times the fee payable specified in the Fee Schedule as the case may be.

How many days in advance does the occupier of a factory premises gives notice of occupancy?

(3) Before a factory engaged in a manufacturing process which is ordinarily carried on for less than one hundred and eighty working days in the year resumes working, the occupier shall send a written notice to the Chief Inspector containing the particulars specified in sub-section (1) 24[at least thirty days] before …

Who is an adult as per Factories Act 1948?

According to Factories Act 1948, a child as a person who has completed his/her fifteen years of age but has not completed his/her eighteen years are known as an ‘adolescent’. According to this Act, an adolescent is only allowed to work in a factory between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

What is the procedure of factory Licence?

Procedure:- The the occupier shall, atleast fifteen days before he begins to occupy or use any premises as a factory, send written notice in form no. 2 alongwith requisite fee. Registration and Licence is granted within 15 days of time after receipt of complete application / documents.

What is factory registration number?

is mentioned in the Factory License issued by the Chief Inspector of Factories (Form 3 in Madhya Pradesh Rules 1962) and Registration Number is the sl.number of registration of the factory in the records of the office of Chief Inspector of Factories of the respective state.

How can I get factory license in Maharashtra?

Detailed procedure for Factory Registration and Grant of Licence of Non Hazardous Factory and Hazardous Factory

  1. Log on to the web site
  2. Click on “Create Employer User Profile”.
  3. Fill the information and complete the Registration procedure on MAITRI portal.
  4. Fill the CAF (Common Application Form)

How can I get factory license in Gujarat?

Documents Required

  1. Form No. …
  2. Original Licence.
  3. Treasury Challan in original.
  4. Stability Certificate duly signed by the Chartered Engineer/Chartered Architect.
  5. A resolution passed by Board of Directors.
  6. Treasury challan for deposit of registration fee for the factory.
  7. List of Directors and Partners.

What is Gujarat factory rules?

The Gujarat Factories Rules, 1963 The Factories Act is a social legislation that has been enacted for occupational safety, health, and welfare of workers at work place. The State of Gujarat has formulated its rules as envisaged under the Act and they are known as The Gujarat Factories Rules, 1963.

Is Shop Act necessary in Maharashtra?

Applicability. Shop Act is a mandatory requirement if the business premises are located within municipal limits. It is applicable even if you are doing your business for your home or residential premises. Based on number of employees you will have to apply online for either Shop Act Intimation or Shop Act Registration.

How can I get license for sanitizer manufacturing in Maharashtra?

Documents Required For Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing License

  1. Incorporation / Proprietary / Other form of business.
  2. Area of the manufacturing unit should be not less than 600 sqft.
  3. (DMR act compliances must be followed by all manufacturers.
  4. Technical Officer (BMS doctor)
  5. Technical Officer (BSC with Bio.)

What is factory certificate?

The factory certificate is issued only if the manufacturer does not have his own inspection department which is independent of the production department. …

What does Made in an ISO 9001 factory mean?

An ISO factory is a factory that has been certified as complying with standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This includes the factory management environment, methods of production, and production quality.