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What is another word for oversee?

What is another word for oversee?

Oversee Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for oversee?

supervise superintend
control handle
inspect guide
conduct govern
head lead

What do you call someone who looks after a building?

caretaker. noun. someone whose job is to look after a large building such as a school, office building, or block of flats. The usual American word is janitor.

Why is project oversight important?

The purpose of project oversight is to ensure the project is proceeding on time and on budget – and of more importance, that problems are identified early so that corrective action may be taken while the cost to correct the issues are manageable.

What does oversight mean in construction?

Qualified construction professionals are often required to provide oversight on projects when the principal has either defaulted or requires supplementation. Owners often require oversight to ensure that their project is being managed and constructed as planned.

What is a governance audit?

One answer to these questions can be a Governance Audit: an objective review of how an organization is governed. … It assesses whether there adequate checks and balances in place for effective governance. Larger organizations may have their internal audit department perform the governance audit.