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What happens if Empress Celene dies?

What happens if Empress Celene dies?

There is no point to let Celene die. All the evidence is there for Gaspard and Briala. … If Gaspard is killed and Briala exiled, Celene will forget her favour to the Inquisition and act cold. If one of the above is alive, Celene uses the Inquisition to protect her throne.

How do you reunite Celene Briala and Gaspard?

Get the locket, talk to the ladies, talk to Celene and pick the top options (‘you care for her’ or something similar). Talk to Briala about it too. In the end you have to pick the Briala helped me option right away and say that Briala deserves and award. Also let Gaspard be executed.

How do you blackmail a Gaspard?

You get the blackmail material on Gaspard by doing the main quest (when you meet the Fereldan mercenary). You get Celene’s blackmail material by opening the 5 halla door in the Royal Apartments on the upper floors – you should be hearing a guy screaming for help when you pass the door.

Where is Briala’s locket?

1. When you are in the servants quarters, near the end of the level in the grand apartment upper floor there is a door that requires 3 wooden halla statues to open (hope you were thorough in searching for them), you find an elven locket inside.

How do I get court approval Dragon Age?

The timing of entrance can gain or lose Court Approval as follows:

  1. Enter after the first bell, on time – No Court Approval change.
  2. Enter after the second bell, fashionably late – Court Approval 10.
  3. Enter after the third bell, actually late – Court Approval -20.

How do you get full approval of the Orlesian court?

Gain the full approval of the Orlesian court. To unlock this achievement, you must have your approval rating at 100/100 by the end of the Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts quest. When the quest is near it’s end, you will be presented a choice by Cullen as you re-enter the ballroom.

How do you get leliana as divine?

After the cutscene with giselle arguing with josie, go straight to leliana and offer to help her become divine. You’ll get a war table mission and end-game leliana.

How do you romance a bull?

After you spend a night with the Bull, you will have to make an important decision – you can either go intimate with him, on his (quite non-committal) rules or turn him down (this will squander romancing with him). During the conversations, you need to make it clear to him that you intend for a serious relationship.

Is it better to save the Dreadnought or the Chargers?

The dreadnought gives a better character card and helps Iron Bull to grow as a follower of the Qun. He does not lose approval for the decision (in fact, he gains just as much as saving the Chargers) and he is well aware the Chargers knew the risks.

Who can romance Solas?

Upon starting the game, you must select your race and warrior class for your character. If you opt to play as a female elf, there are no less than six possible romances available. This article describes how to romance Solas, an intelligent elf Mage, whom you can only romance if your character is an elven female.

How do I get Iron Bull and Dorian together?

Speak to Iron Bull, then Dorian. *If you want a happy ending with Bull/Dorian, The Chargers must remain alive. If they do not, well, sadness all around. *You do not need Cole in the party for the banter to trigger.

How do you trigger Adoribull?

Tips for Triggering Adoribull Banter

  1. the confirmation/”lock in” banter for them begins with bull saying “about last night…”. …
  2. the Big Three banters relating to their romance are the one about conquering, then the one where bull says his door is open, and then “about last night”.

Can I romance Iron Bull and Dorian?

Players wishing to make Adoribull canon need to cycle through Dorian and Iron Bull’s banter together until they reach their romantic banter. This is achieved by taking both characters out together during quests outside of Haven or Skyhold.

What does Iron Bull say when fighting a dragon?

Iron Bull: “Hey chief. Let’s join the Inquisition! Good fights for a good cause!” I don’t know, Krem, I hear there are demons.

Does Iron Bull always betray you in trespasser?

He betrays you in Trespasser if you don’t choose the Chargers. You can always make a save, choose the Qun, do all the War Table missions to get the schematics, use the Golden Nug Statue, and load the save from before choosing and pick the Chargers.

How do I start Cullen romance?

Taking Lyrium Watch the cutscene with Cassandra and Cullen, then go find him yourself. Select the romance option “I care about what you want.” This is very important: do not encourage Cullen to continue taking Lyrium.

Can Iron Bull tank?

2) Iron Bull can be an effective tank if built right. He’s not as well-suited to it as Cassandra or Blackwall, but once you get him up to speed, he can tank just as well.

How do I stop iron bull from betraying me?

Neither romance nor high approval will prevent his betrayal and he will have to be killed. Cole will even note that his heart held no regrets over the decision. During a later conversation with Solas, he will remark upon Bull’s betrayal as evidence of the Inquisition’s eventual fate.