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What frightened Hafeez?

What frightened Hafeez?

Hafeez contractor had always suffered from a nightmare about appearing for a math’s examination in which he was the worst. He had no interest in study. He was fond of playing pranks on others, copying in class during examination times, making jokes.

What was Mr Gupta advice to Hafiz?

Gupta advised Hafeez Contractor to become an architect. (ii) The sketches made by Hafeez Contractor made her advise him so.

Who was Mr Gupta?

Gupta is Chirag Gupta’s father. His family may not be Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, or Orthodox because his family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Since he is from India, he may be Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim.

How did he help students who lost their button?

His fellow student who had lost a button would come to him. Hafeez used to create a button by sculpting chalks. And button looked real. Hence, the student would get past dinner with a full neat uniform.

How did Hafeez Contractor help his friends who had lost a button?

How did he help fellow students who had lost a button? Answer: When the fellow students lost a button while playing or fighting, they would often come running to him and he would help them by cutting a button from chalk by using an ordinary blade.

How did Contractor pass most of his school examination by?

This question is from the chapter “The treasure within”. Hafeez Contractor passed most of his school examinations by cheating. He either copied the answers or tried his best to get his hands on the question paper so that he could know exactly what was coming in the exam.