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Is Christina Chong in bulletproof Season 2?

Filming in October: Christina Chong to Return to the 2nd Season of ‘Bulletproof‘ in London, UK.

Is Nell dead in bulletproof?

Bishop finds Nell dead on the stairs Nell’s relationship with Bishop began early during season one, a short while after his split with Sophie Latimer. … However, shortly after, she was shot while on duty by Ray, leading to her death in Episode 6.

Are Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters friends?

In an exclusive Q&A ahead of Bulletproof’s South Africa special, Noel 45, did not miss the chance to have some banter with his close friend Ashley, 38, who became a grandfather for the first time last month. … They are a great team together and that’s the same in all the Bulletproof’s, working with them has been great.”19-Jan-2021

Why did the wife change in bulletproof?

RISING Hollywood star Lashana Lynch is not coming back to season two of Bulletproof because she is just too busy. The 32-year-old Londoner was busy shooting the new James Bond film and the second Captain Marvel so couldn’t be available for Bulletproof.

Will there be a bulletproof 3?

Fans will be delighted to know Bulletproof has already been commissioned for a fourth season on Sky. The show brings its third outing to an end on February 3 and work will start on the new outing soon after. The news was confirmed by Sky back on January 15 with a short teaser for the new outing.

How many bulletproof series are there?

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters will return for a fourth series of Bulletproof. They will reprise their roles as Aaron Pike and Ronnie Bishop for eight new episodes on Sky One and NOW TV.

Where was bulletproof filmed season1?

South Africa

Where is bulletproof based?


Is Bulletproof filmed in Liverpool?

Liverpool, UK London was also where filming took place, mostly in the second season. Thamesmead was one of the places in London where filming was conducted, according to local sources. A few scenes had also been shot at Epping Forest.

Was bulletproof filmed in Malta?

A further recent project is the UK crime drama TV series Bulletproof, created by Nick Love, Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke for Sky. It filmed on the island in 2019 and used some 150 extras and 40 Maltese actors. One of the huge drawcards was the 40% incentive.

Where was bulletproof 2 filmed Cyprus?

Malta was the main location for the 5th Episode of Season 2 standing in for Cyprus. Locations used included Mtahleb, Migra L-Ferha, Wardija and Valletta amongst others. This production was serviced by Latina Pictures Ltd – Malta and supported by the Malta Film Commission.

Where was bulletproof 2?

The show, which is produced by Vertigo Films, was filmed in Thamesmead this season. The London location shoot marks quite a change from the first series, which was filmed in Liverpool. While some other scenes were shot in Epping Forest, around the Loughtono Brook area.

Who played in the first bulletproof?

Damon Wayans

Who played Pinky in bulletproof 2?

Cassie Clare

Is Bulletproof on now TV?

Stream episodes of Bulletproof: South Africa instantly on NOW TV.

Where can I watch bulletproof South Africa?

When is Bulletproof: South Africa on TV? The three-part special will premiere on Wednesday 20th January 2021 on Sky One. The series will also air on NOWTV.

Is Bulletproof 2 on Amazon Prime?

Watch Bulletproof 2 | Prime Video.

Is Bulletproof 2 out?

When will Bulletproof season 2 be released on Sky One? The second series will air on Friday 20th March 2020 on Sky One and NOW TV.

How many bulletproof episodes are there?