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Is a Volkswagen Polo a good car?

Is a Volkswagen Polo a good car?

It isn’t as fun to drive as a Ford Fiesta but the Volkswagen Polo is more grown up at motorway speeds. It does a good job of muting both wind and tyre noise and it feels impressively stable for a small car. Euro NCAP crash-tested the new Polo in 2017 where it scored the maximum five stars.

Why Volkswagen Polo is so expensive?

Overall its not a high maintenance car. The maintenance cost of polo is too high, as the spare parts are so costaly including labour charges, service etc are to high compere to other companies. I owned Polo for over 5yrs. Service cost is relatively higher, because spares are not made locally,but IMPORTED.

Which is better VW Golf or Polo?

In terms of performance, the VW Golf seems to edge the battle with a sportier, more modern set up, as well as offering cheaper MPG running costs. Furthermore, the Golf is a more viable option as a family car due to its slightly larger stature, bigger boot and better tech. However, the Polo impresses, too.

Is TSI faster than TDI?

The TSI doesn’t have as much torque, but it accelerates quicker than the TDI due to the extra horsepower.

What does Volkswagen TSI stand for?

Volkswagen turbocharged stratified injected

How long do TSI engines last?

Turbines of TSI engines easily cover up to 150 thousand kilometers. From this point of view, the internal combustion engine TSI 1.

How many miles does a VW Polo last?

Volkswagen cars typically last around 100,000 miles as long as it is serviced and taken good care of.

What is the most reliable VW engine?

The EA888 1.

What is wrong with Volkswagen?

The German car giant has since admitted cheating emissions tests in the US. … In November, VW said it had found “irregularities” in tests to measure carbon dioxide emissions levels that could affect about 800,000 cars in Europe – including petrol vehicles.

Are VW engines good?

Figures recently released by consumer warranty company Warranty Direct show that Volkswagen, Audi and BMW make some of the least reliable engines on the market. … Volkswagen makes its appearance in the ninth-from-bottom position, with one in every 52 owners suffering an engine fault of some kind.

Do Jettas have alot of problems?

Common problems include broken fans and lights, usually due to loose wiring. According to the account of several drivers, the Volkswagen Jetta has loose wiring immediately beneath the dashboard that tends to become disconnected or frayed, reducing the efficacy of interior systems.

Are VW Jettas good used cars?

While the VW Jetta is a historically reliable car, it too can present with costly maintenance and repairs.

Are jettas expensive to repair?

The Volkswagen Jetta Reliability Rating is 4.

How long will a Volkswagen Jetta last?

about 7.

What problems do Volkswagen Jettas have?

By knowing the top 5 problems, the automatic transmission shifting problems, the odor from the HVAC, the electrical issues, the power window failure, and the engine misfiring, you can try and prevent the common VW Jetta problems from happening.

Is Jetta better than Civic?

The fuel economy for the base engines in these two cars is very similar. The turbocharged base engine in the Jetta has plentiful torque, but the Civic’s base engine has a little more power. If you get a Civic, we recommend upgrading to the turbocharged engine, which improves performance and fuel economy.

Which car is better Jetta or Passat?

If we’re just looking at each of these cars by the numbers and we don’t care about where and how you drive, you could argue that the better car is the Jetta. It’s cheaper, it’s slightly safer, and it has better fuel economy. But the Passat is larger, more comfortable, and more powerful.

Is a Volkswagen Jetta a luxury car?

While Volkswagen is not generally considered a luxury brand, they do make models that enter realms of near-luxury outfitting. … Volkswagen doesn’t have luxury-level prices, but it does put a level of love and care into its vehicles that we think makes them feel simply exquisite in a way that only a VW can.

Which VW is the best?

10 Best Volkswagen Cars, Ranked

  • 8 Volkswagen Scirocco.
  • 7 Volkswagen GTi.
  • 6 Volkswagen Corrado.
  • 5 The Volkswagen Jetta.
  • 4 The Volkswagen Passat.
  • 3 Volkswagen Phaeton.
  • 2 Volkswagen Eos.
  • 1 The Volkswagen Touareg.

Is it expensive to fix a Volkswagen Passat?

The Volkswagen CC is the most expensive to maintain out of the models above even though it’s not the most expensive car on the list….Volkswagen Maintenance Costs Comparison By Model.

Volkswagen Model Annual Repair Costs
Golf $630
Passat $639
Tiguan $730
CC $880

Is it expensive to service a Volkswagen?

The VW Tiguan has $490 service every 60,000 km. Other than these major servicing intervals, costs range from $240 to $300 per service. … The most expensive service costs $500 at 120,000km/8 years.

How much does a VW service cost?

Our major service will help your car run smoothly. The recommended service interval is every 24 months or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). Prices from: £354 for models up to and including 2.