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How old is Michael Green and Bridgette West?

How old is Michael Green and Bridgette West?

Bridgette was only 16 when she went out with Michael, who was 21.

What does Michael Green do for a living?

Creator, star, and videographer of the hit web series The Angry Grandpa Show. He is known online as KidBehindACamera and Pickleboy. He runs his own YouTube channel under the name KidBehindACamera and also has a TikTok account under the username kidbehindacamerahere.

How much does Michael Green weight?

On Septem, Michael’s doctor officially diagnosed him with type 2 diabetes due to his weight and blood sugar. He weighed 412 lbs at the time. After this, Michael began a effort to lose weight, and by March 2019, he weighed 370 lbs, a loss of about 40 pounds.

What is Michael Green net worth?

KidBehindACamera Net Worth – $7 Million Michael Green aka Pickleboy is the cameraman and the mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel The Angry Grandpa Show. He is the son of Angry Grandpa and Tin. His other siblings are Charles, Jennifer and Kim.

What is angry grandpa net worth?

The Angry Grandpa Show is a YouTube channel that features Charles Marvin Green Jr reacting angrily to several things like pranks pulled by his youngest son called Michael or Pickelboy. He has an estimated net worth of $1.

How much money did angry grandpa make?

The channel has over 3.

What killed Angry Grandpa?


Did Bridgette and Michael break up?

Bridgette West on Twitter: “I BROKE UP WITH MICHAEL!

How old is Lauren from angry grandpa?

Lauren Davi (born Septem) was the fiancé of Angry Grandpa until his death on Decem and was the future step-mother to Michael Green, Jennifer Green, Kimberly Pratt (and Charlie Green, who is now disowned).

Is the angry grandpa dead?

Deceased (1950–2017)

What happened angry grandpa?

Charlie Green Jr., best known as the popular YouTube star Angry Grandpa, passed away on Sunday. He was 67. Green died after a short fight with skin cancer, according to his son Michael, who confirmed the news on Twitter.

What happened to Charlie Green?

He was involved in multiple pranks and many vlogs. It was at this time that he started up his own YouTube channel, “Charlie Chill.” In August 2016 Charlie suddenly disappeared. Many fans speculated that he had moved out, but it was later confirmed that he was in jail for not paying child support.

Where is angry grandpa buried?

Charles Marvin “Angry Grandpa” Green Jr.

Birth 16 Oct 1950 Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Death 10 Dec 2017 (aged 67) Summerville, Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
Burial Cremated
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What is angry grandma real name?

Judy Ward

Is Angry Grandpa bipolar?

With his son, Michael, he had a YouTube channel, “TheAngryGrandpaShow”, that has over four million subscribers. Green was born in Chatham County, Georgia. He had bipolar disorder and suffered from skin cancer. In October 2017, Green was hospitalized for cirrhosis, kidney stones and pneumonia.

What is angry grandpa’s real name?

Charles Marvin Green Jr.

How old was angry grandpa when he died?

67 years (1950–2017)

What does Angry Grandpa weigh?


How tall is Charlie Green?

5 ft 10 1/2 inches

Where does Charlie Green live?

Phoenix, Arizona

Is CG5 Charlie Green?

Charlie Green (CG5) is a 21-year-old producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Phoenix, Arizona. … To date, CG5’s music has amassed over half a billion total views and earned him nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube, indisputably becoming one of the platforms’ leading music creators.

What was CG5 first song?

Take It

Who is Dev from BGT?

Dev is a singer who participated in Series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent as the personification of the Devil. His entrance to the stage was accompanied by images of fire on the back of the stage.

What is OR3O real name?


How old is TryHardNinja?

37 years 10 months

What is Dagames real name?

Will Alex Ryan

Will Ryan DAGames age?

28 years (Ap)

How old is Dawko?

Early life Lewis Dawkins is 24 years old. He was born on Decem, in the United Kingdom. Likewise, he has a pug named Poncho.