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How is Hafeez Contractor?

How is Hafeez Contractor?

Hafeez Contractor (born 1950) is an Indian architect. … As of 2019, he is the architect of the three tallest buildings in India – The 42 in Kolkata, and the twin towers of The Imperial in Mumbai. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in January 2016 by the Government of India.

How does the principal’s words influence Hafeez Contractor?

Hafeez Contractor was deeply influenced by the words of his Principal when he reached Eleventh Standard. His Principal made him realize in opposition to his games and pranks he had been playing all the while, the value of hard work his mother had put in to give him the opportunity to study and develop his skills.

Who did the giant love the most?

The little boy is the one who the giant loves the most because he wanted to climb the tree but he couldn’t so the giant helped him climbthe tree and when other children used to come play he asked them where is a little boy they said that they didn’t know where he lived so he waited a lot and one day he came and there …

Why did the giant’s face grow red with anger when he met the little boy after many years?

As he came near the child, his face grew red with anger when he saw that there were imprints of nails on his palms and feet. The Giant asked the little boy who had wounded him, and told him that he would slay the one who had done so. The child answered that those were the wounds of love.

What made the giant angry?

Seeing the little boy the Giant became angry because he had put a notice board to check the entry of the boys.

How did Selfish Giant Realise his mistake?

What did he realize on seeing it? Answer: The Giant saw that through a hole in the wall children had crept in the garden. … He realized that it was him who kept the spring away from the garden. He wanted to rectify his mistake, by tearing down the wall and allowing children to play in his garden.

What does the tree symbolize in The Selfish Giant?

The beautiful tree behind the Christ Child symbolizes the Giant’s complete redemption, for which he is then rewarded by eternal life in Paradise.

What is the theme of The Selfish Giant?

The short story “The Selfish Giant” by Oscar Wilde explores the theme of selfishness. This theme is illustrated by the main character, a Giant who does not want to share his garden with the children and only wants to enjoy it by himself.