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How do you care for an oilskin jacket?

How do you care for an oilskin jacket?

Hand wash in luke warm water using our Oilskin/Wool Detergent or a pure soap. Do not soak your coat. Rinse off as much of the soap as you can and hang it out to dry using a strong coat hanger. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Are Driza Bone jackets warm?

We also have Driza Bones and they do get heavy and are hard to work in, but the full length riding coats do protect you from the rain. they are hot and only have the strong oilskin smell. Not supposed to keep them hanging up once they are dry as the oilskin dries out.

Can I machine wash a wax jacket?

Wax jackets cannot be cleaned like your other clothing by simply throwing them into your washing machine or taking them to the dry cleaners.

How long should a Barbour jacket last?

Longevity – A Barbour jacket is made to last a lifetime; cared for properly, many will see use by multiple generations.

How much does it cost to re-wax a Barbour jacket?



How often should you wax a jacket?

Step 5. Re-wax your jacket once a year. Once you‘ve re-waxed the jacket, hang it up. Allow to dry overnight in a warm place away from other garments.

Why are jackets waxed?

Everyone needs a waxed cotton jacket in their life Being made out of natural fibers, instead of PVC or other less breathable materials, waxed cotton jackets are built to allow your body to breathe while also keeping you dry.

Will a Barbour jacket stretch?

I have a Barbour Beaufort and mine isn’t as loose as yours. It may be one size too large. My advice would be to wear the smallest size that fits you comfortably and allows you to stretch.

Do Barbour jackets run small?

The first thing to realize is that when you go to buy a Barbour Waxed jacket the sizing is always listed as the UK sizing and the corresponding size for US customers. However, I have found that these jackets still run a little narrow so order up one size especially if you plan on wearing layers underneath.