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How do you activate the rope works in Tomb Raider?

How do you activate the rope works in Tomb Raider?

Stand next to the winch facing the 2 dangling platforms on the far side of the pool. Shoot a rope arrow into the large spool above the 2 platforms in order to attach this spool to the winch. Now use your axe to crank the winch as far as it will go.

How do you kill Baba Yaga?

Shoot the witch to have her hide in her bucket (left). Use a Rope Arrow to pull her over the vat here to damage her again (right). fter damaging the Witch, slide down the zip line to the right to reach the platform below. Kill the melee attacker that charges you as you land.

How do I get to the document in Wicked Vale?

If you missed it, return to the Wicked Vale Base Camp and follow the tunnel to the northeast. Drop down onto the ledge below and to the right of the vat. (screenshot) Turn around and use a rope arrow to pull down the barrier to reach the document.

How do you get to Baba Yaga in Tomb Raider?

Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch is the first story DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider. To access it, head to the Soviet Installation and you’ll receive a quest. Something in the Soviet Installation is bothering Trinity.

How long is Baba Yaga DLC?

between two and three hours

How do you kill the wolves in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Use poison arrows if you have them. Then follow up with rifle or pistol so you don’t get overrun. NOTE: If Lara is pinned down by a wolf, it triggers a QTE in which you must wiggle the left stick from side to side, then press the Melee button (Y) when you see the prompt on the screen in order to kill the wolf.

How do you get the grapple AXE in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Use a rope arrow to cross the gap, and then get ready to learn a new platforming skill: the grapple axe. First, jump for the hoops and tap X to grab them with your axe as you get close. Lara will swing and automatically let go on the other side.