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How did Hafeez help students who lost their button?

How did Hafeez help students who lost their button?

When a fellow student lost a button while playing or fighting, Hafeez would cut a button for him from chalk, using a blade. As a school boy, he never studied, until his 11th He always copied to pass the examination.

What did September do when she saw that the bird was losing his life?

Answer: (i) Princess September burst into a flood of tears at the loss of her parrot. She kept crying and nothing comforted her. (ii) Her mother declared it as nonsense, and said that she should go to bed without any supper.

How did the Princess September treat the bird?

Answer: The little song bird was surprised to see how ruthlessly Princess September treated him one day. She carried him over to a cage, popped him in and shut the door on him. He became speechless.

What did the sister advice Princess September?

After the death of her lovely parrot; Princess September got the company of a little song bird. … One day, her sisters advised her to put the bird into a cage lest he should fly. Princess September loved the bird too much to take chances. So, she acted upon their advice.

What did the sister advise the princess to do about her body?

Answer: The sisters advised the Princess to keep her bird in a cage so that she could be sure of where it was.

What was the unique habit of the King?

The peculiar habit of the king was to give gifts on his birthday rather than receive them. Usually people get gifts on their birthdays.

How did the bird get back his freedom?

One of her tears fell on the bird and it opened its eyes to see that it was out of the cage. It said that it could not sing unless it was free, and if it could not sing, it would die. This persuaded her to give it its freedom again.