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How did Hafeez Contractor learn his skill?

How did Hafeez Contractor learn his skill?

Hafeez Contractor knew the skill of cutting a perfect button from chalk, a button that would stay fixed till the school ended. This way he would help fellow students who would have lost the button of their shirts or trousers.

Who is the speaker of the poem the last bargain?

Rabindranath Tagore

What did the child offer to hire the man with in the poem the last bargain?

A child set playing with shells. He raised his head and seemed to Know me and said, ‘I hire you with nothing. ‘ From henceforward that bargain Struck in child’s play Made me a free man.” 1.

Who said come hire me?

Rabindranath Tagore

Why did the fair maid go back alone into the dark?

Like the power of the king, the money of the old man, the charm of the fair maid too is very temporary regarding its existance. Her sweet smile is bound to be dried away in tears with the due course of time, that is why the fair maid went back alone into the dark.

What is the schoolboy’s advice to his parents?

The schoolboy advises the parents to not deprive the child of joy and freedom that he deserves to have. In case he is prevented from fully experiencing the joy of childhood, then how sad it will be when he ages and can no longer hope to do so. He will never be able to experience joy.

Who is being compared to a caged bird?

Answer. Answer: The poet Maya Angelou is comparing racism faced by Afro Americans in early 1960 by contrasting caged bird as Afro Americans and free birds as White Americans . The caged bird symbolises struggle of Afro Americans for their fight for freedom.

What drives all the joy away in the poem the school boy?

“The School Boy” is a poem written in the pastoral tradition that focuses on the downsides of formal learning. It considers how going to school on a summer day “drives all joy away“. The boy in this poem is more interested in escaping his classroom than he is with anything his teacher is trying to teach.

What is the theme of the poem The schoolboy?

The main theme is the sorrow that the boy feels having to go to school, when he wants to enjoy summer. He has the obligation to go to a close space, but he wants to go outside. Another theme is nature, the freedom that it represents for the boy and the opression of the class.