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How did Hafeez Contractor help students who lost their button?

How did Hafeez Contractor help students who lost their button?

When a fellow student lost a button while playing or fighting, Hafeez would cut a button for him from chalk, using a blade. As a school boy, he never studied, until his 11th He always copied to pass the examination.

How did the principals words influence Hafeez Contractor?

Hafeez Contractor was deeply influenced by the words of his Principal when he reached Eleventh Standard. His Principal made him realize in opposition to his games and pranks he had been playing all the while, the value of hard work his mother had put in to give him the opportunity to study and develop his skills.

How did the Djinn solve the problem?

The Djinn assured the camel that his “humph” would not create a problem for him while working. Since the camel had skipped work for three days, he could live on his humph and would be able to work for three days without eating. This means that the hump was a kind of food reserve.

Why did Velu legs wobbly when he got off the train?

Answer. Velu stood on the platform but he felt as if he was still on a moving train because he had travelled a long distance in the train. So when he got off at the station his legs still felt wobbly as the effect of the moving train usually remains for a while even after the journey has ended.