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How did Hafeez Contractor become an architect?

How did Hafeez Contractor become an architect?

Answer: In the architect’s office somebody was making a technical drawing of a window. Hafeez observed some lacunae in the drawing and convinced that person. … She thought Hafeez was good at nothing but sketching, so she advised him to become an architect.

Who advised Hafeez Contractor that he should become an architect?

Mrs. Gupta

What was the last bargain?

The Last Bargain is a poem written by the famous and renowned Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. It is a poem about a person looking for a job. The speaker in the poem is searching for a job in which he does not have to lose his freedom. He receives the first proposal from a King.

What is the message of the poem the last bargain?

The poet wanted to convey the message through the poem the Last Bargain is that money, wealth, power or beauty cannot give you happiness. Only when one feels true pleasure at seeing something, one finds happiness.

What message does the poem the last bargain convey?

“The Last Bargain” by Tagore is a sixteen lines poem composed in blank verse conveying a strong message well needed for the materialistic world that no power, money or lust can make us happy. Simplicity and innocence are the most supreme of all.

Why is the school boy unhappy?

What makes the school boy unhappy? Answer: He has to go to school even in a summer morning when there is so much to enjoy in open fields and forests. Secondly, his teacher is cruel and the lessons are uninteresting.

Who is the poet of the last bargain?

Rabindranath Tagore

Why were the houses shut the last bargain?

The poet was ready to serve before a genuine owner, so he refused to serve the power of the king. In the heat of the mid-day the houses stood with shut doors.

What was the child doing in last bargain?

The child was playing with shells when the speaker met him on the seashore. 1. Why did the man turn down the offer made by the king, the old man and the fair lady? The man turned down the offers made by the king, the old man and the fair lady because neither wealth nor power not beauty attracted him.

What happened to the fair maid the last bargain?

Explanation: The garden hedge was all a flower. The fair maid came out sand said, “I will hire you with a smile.” … A fair lady came out from garden and said that he would hire him with a smile but her smile faded away and she melted into tears and returned into the dark leaving the speaker alone.

Why did the man accept the bargain with the child?

The man at last accept the bargain with a child who hired him with nothing. He liked the bargain with the little boy because the bargain which he chose made him a free man; and that was all he wanted.

Why did the girl’s smile melt into tears?

Answer: The fair maid came out and promised that she will hire that boy with a smile but the boy avoided the bargain and he thinks it worthless. That’s why she melted into tears.

Why does the speaker refuse the King offer to hire him?

Answer: At the very opening of the poem it has been seen that the speaker is denying the king’s proposal of hiring him. This is because he believes in no power which can bind him in the shackel of mere bondage. This urgency of freedom in himself led him to deny the king’s proposal.

Why did the fair maid go back alone in the dark?

Like the power of the king, the money of the old man, the charm of the fair maid too is very temporary regarding its existance. Her sweet smile is bound to be dried away in tears with the due course of time, that is why the fair maid went back alone into the dark.

Why were the doors of the house shut Class 8?

He weighed his coins one by one, but I turned away. Why were the houses shut ? Answer: The houses were shut as it was very hot outside.

Who all had the man encountered till the evening?

Question 1 : Who all had the man encountered till the evening? Answer : The man encountered the king in the morning. Towards mid-day, he met the old man. In the evening, he came across the fair mad.

What offer did the old man make to him?

Answer. The old man offered the speaker a lot of money. However, he turned it down becausehe realised that money cannot give him what he actually desires. He had not till then realised that what he actually desired was happiness.

What does the King showed in hand suggest in the poem the last bargain?

Answer :“The king, sword in handsuggests power.

How did the speaker feel after talking to the child on the beach the last bargain?

The speaker felt free after talking to the child on the beach. The child was playing with shells and he ‘hired’ the speaker for nothing. … Hence, he felt free after striking that bargain with the child.